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Sykes and coastal rowing

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Participating in coastal rowing is a way for us all to contribute to and be part of the growth of rowing around Australia. 

For many years a small group of people have been championing this sport with limited impact. It is testament to their efforts and perseverance that we are finally starting to see real progress. Coastal and recreational rowing has been very strong in mainland Europe for many years and is finally getting more attention from the World Rowing Federation and the global rowing community.

Coastal rowing competition

There are two formats of coastal rowing competition – one-on-one beach sprint and more conventional round the buoy racing. Beach sprint is a relatively new format where as the name suggests, athletes begin on the beach, running out to the boat to its waiting crew and race around two buoys and back to the beach to the finish line – a total of 500 metres.

Nowadays there is an annual World Rowing Beach Sprint Championship, recently held in Portugal. Two-hundred rowers (a significant number!) from 25 countries participated. Fun and adrenaline-filled, this sport has so much potential. There is much optimism about coastal rowing making its debut at the 2028 Olympic Games. So, let’s prepare ourselves for Brisbane 2032!!

Recreational coastal rowing

Of course we need to remember it’s not all about competition. In Australia we are blessed with fantastic coastal bays and estuaries where we can row and enjoy some adventures touring in quads. There is a whole community out there who want to row (or learn to row) for pleasure and fitness.

Anyone can take part in coastal rowing. Age is no barrier – it’s never too late to learn to row! We have customers in their 80s getting out in our boats. We, the rowing community, know that there is no better form of exercise.

Sykes partnership with Rowing Australia

We are very proud to announce that Sykes has entered into a three year partnership with Rowing Australia to supply all boats for the Australian National Coastal Rowing and Beach Sprint Championships which will be held in August each year commencing in 2022. We have partnered with the best in the industry out of France, RS Boats, for our designs and know-how and we will showcase our locally made boats along with those from France in 2022 here in sunny Queensland. 

We have a few boats in stock at our Geelong factory and I invite you to contact one our sales team – Alex, George and Angus – to try out one of these boats over the summer months.   

  • George: 0413 077 041,
  • Alex: 0421 811 880,
  • Angus: 0432 381 708, 

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