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Arc Length and Gearing Many coaches contact us for advice on gearing and in particular choice of oar length. General advice is easy to give knowing that in reality a lot of crews now use equipment that is adjustable within a small specification range. From Kleshnev (2007) we know the...

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Rigging Variables Here you can find a quick description of basic rigging variables, and a short discussion of how each variable can affect your rowing. Span-Spread Inboard; Outboard; Overlap; Catch Angle/Finish Angle; and Oarlock Height Span (spread): The distance between the two pins on a sculling boat, or the distance...

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Fin Replacement Spectra Rudder Cable

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Rigging Angle Chart Standard Rigging Measurements Rigging Settings - Schools and Clubs Foot Stretcher Angle Selecting the Correct Rudder Length Seat Packer Heights and Screws Guide: How to Replace Seat Packers Guide: How to Change Bearing Wheels on a Rowing Seat

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Rowing Terminology

We know if you're new to the sport of rowing, it can be confusing to some of the terminology used by fellow rowers. Below is a few items we think will help you to understand what it is other rowers are talking about. Catch angle/Finish angle: The oar's angle from...

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