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Routine Care to get the most out of your boat

It doesn’t take a lot to care for your rowing hull but it’s important to make sure you commit to some routine care. Below are some tips to get the most out of your boat.


Wash the hull with fresh water (and detergent if really dirty). Be sure to then chamois the boat inside and out so no water is left sitting in or on the hull.

Run a cloth over the slides to make sure there is no dirt in the rails. Any dirt left will cause damage to the slides and the wheels and will cause them to deteriorate much quicker.


Cut and polish of the hull. You can use any car polish or we can supply for you. An electronic buffer is best for time efficiency and effort but it can be done by hand.


For boats where the stretchers are not adjusted regularly we recommend that you unscrew and move the stretcher to avoid nuts and bolt seizing up over time. If you take bolts out, we recommend you slop a little bit of Vaseline on the bolts which will help prevent any corrosion that may have occurred over time. Check all bolts are adjusted tightly and have not come loose, particularly seat bolts.


Replace bearing wheels, slides and quick release cam locks for boats with quick release riggers. This will give that “new boat feel.” There may be other parts that require attentions depending on the condition they are in, how regularly you row the boat and how well you have cared for it. Most items will go on forever if you stick to some regular maintenance and wash the boat after every row.

All Sykes boats are made with consideration of Australia’s harsh climate. Australia’s climate and rowing conditions are harsher than almost anywhere else in the world. Most rowing in Australia takes place on water with high amounts of salt and in extreme ultra violet light levels. Salt can cause the boats to deteriorate quicker if not maintained properly. Coating are selected with these conditions in mind but we do not recommend boats and oars be stored permanently or for long periods, exposed to sunlight (high UV ) on outdoor racks etc.

We are confident you can get ten competitive years out of your Sykes hull. However, if cared for there is no reason your boat shouldn’t be still going after 20 years of consistent use.



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