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Is Resolute going under? NO image

Is Resolute going under? NO

I’m Jeff Lawrence, one of the owners of Resolute (and of Sykes) who, along with my partners Mark Nothnagel & Ed Gehres took a leap of faith and acquired Resolute in June 2019.

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Introducing the Sequence Coach from Active Tools image

Introducing the Sequence Coach from Active Tools

We are pleased to introduce the Sequence Coach from Active Tools (USA), that is now available at Sykes Rowing. We recently brought in this relatively new product. It is a simple yet highly effective tool that can be attached to most indoor rowing machines including our Concept 2 machines.  The Sequence Coach is designed for both beginners and experienced rowers and can be used either by coaches or to coach yourself. It allows beginners to learn the proper rowing sequence in under 20 minutes and can also be used during day to day training by experienced athletes to prevent bad...

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Sykes moving to pre-preg manufacturing in 2022 image

Sykes moving to pre-preg manufacturing in 2022

In 2022, Sykes Rowing will be moving to pre-preg manufacturing. Following on from the acquisition of Resolute Rowing, and our stated strategy to transfer superior technology and know-how from Resolute into the Sykes business, we are pleased to advise that towards the end of the second quarter of 2022 we will begin to manufacture boats using pre-impregnated (‘pre-preg’) fabrics. Funding support The Victorian State Government has provided us with some financial support under the Technology Adoption and Innovation program (TAIP) for which we are extremely grateful. Like us, they believe it is important to invest in advanced manufacturing in our...

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Introducing Resolute Rowing image

Introducing Resolute Rowing

We are excited to be introducing Resolute Rowing to you. In 2019, the owners of Sykes came across an exciting opportunity to acquire an iconic US based boat builder, Resolute Racing, which is being rebranded to Resolute Rowing. Resolute has a proud legacy for best-in-class technology borne of roots in US Rowing and America’s Cup yachting.  Resolute is widely recognised for cutting edge technology in the sport of composite rowing boats with a reputation for fast, extremely durable big boats. Have a peek at the business on its website. The opportunity We instantly recognised the immense opportunity this acquisition represented...

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Sykes Rowing is partnering with Croker Oars for seats image

Sykes Rowing is partnering with Croker Oars for seats

In 2022 Sykes Rowing is partnering with Croker Oars for seat tops. We have said numerous times recently that Sykes is committed to Australian manufacturing. Demonstrating our commitment and recognising that collectively we as an Australian Rowing community have few equals, we are delighted to announce this new partnership with Croker. We expect this to be the first of several collaborations between Sykes and Croker which will be rolled out through 2022. Croker seat tops for elite level boats Sykes will immediately offer Croker seat tops as the preferred option in all our elite level rowing boats without increasing the...

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