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Sykes Rowing is partnering with Croker Oars for seats

Sykes Rowing is partnering with Croker Oars for seats image

In 2022 Sykes Rowing is partnering with Croker Oars for seat tops. We have said numerous times recently that Sykes is committed to Australian manufacturing. Demonstrating our commitment and recognising that collectively we as an Australian Rowing community have few equals, we are delighted to announce this new partnership with Croker. We expect this to be the first of several collaborations between Sykes and Croker which will be rolled out through 2022.

Croker seat tops for elite level boats

Sykes will immediately offer Croker seat tops as the preferred option in all our elite level rowing boats without increasing the cost of the boat. We will continue to use imported seat tops in our Accelerator and Initiator ranges, but will offer the Croker seat tops as an upgrade option in these boats too.

Benefits of a Croker seat top

Following extensive testing and customer feedback, our conclusion is that Croker seat tops are indeed the most comfortable seats on the market. The Croker seat tops are also lighter and stronger than the seats that we have sourced internationally and used in our boats for many years. 

However, perhaps the most compelling reason to switch to Croker seats is that there are gender specific options available. Men’s and women’s seats are differentiated by the distance between the seat holes or depressions. The men’s seats have hole centres of 130mm and the women’s seats have hole centres of 160mm. There are two different seats for small boats (sculls) and big boats.

Just ask those that use Croker seats already about the benefits!

The collaboration

We believe that by collaborating we will make both Sykes and Croker stronger. No longer do we operate in our own silo’s – we are committed to building success together for the greater good of the Australian Rowing community. 

Sykes acknowledges the extensive research and development that has gone into these Croker seats and has no hesitation in recommending them for use in our elite level rowing boats. 

Find out more

Contact one of our sales team to find out more about our move to using Croker seats in our elite level boats in 2022:

    • George: 0413 077 041,
    • Alex: 0421 811 880,
    • Angus: 0432 381 708,

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