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Introducing the Sequence Coach from Active Tools

Introducing the Sequence Coach from Active Tools image

We are pleased to introduce the Sequence Coach from Active Tools (USA), that is now available at Sykes Rowing. We recently brought in this relatively new product. It is a simple yet highly effective tool that can be attached to most indoor rowing machines including our Concept 2 machines

The Sequence Coach is designed for both beginners and experienced rowers and can be used either by coaches or to coach yourself. It allows beginners to learn the proper rowing sequence in under 20 minutes and can also be used during day to day training by experienced athletes to prevent bad habits and to correct faults. 

Active Tools has developed a video on how the Sequence Coach works. 

Sykes has long had a relationship with Active Tools in the USA and is also the exclusive supplier of the range of adjustable shoes from Active Tools.

Buy the Sequence Coach tool

You can purchase the Sequence Coach from Sykes for $250 + GST. There is stock on hand in Geelong for immediate shipping. Contact one of our sales team to buy your Active Tools Sequence Coach:


Sales team:

  • George: 0413 077 041,
  • Alex: 0421 811 880,
  • Angus: 0432 381 708,

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