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Sustainable rowing boat travel covers

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At Sykes we have developed a new range of rowing boat travel covers. Like all global suppliers of rowing boats, the norm is to wrap new boats in plastic to protect them from the elements during delivery. We have taken a simple, cost-effective innovation from our insights in the surf ski market (through Charger Surf Craft) and adapted it to rowing boats, leading to the launch of our new travel cover range for all Sykes boats.

Why a travel cover?

Firstly, we heard from some customers who were concerned that this single-use plastic wrap just clogs up the waste bins and is always sent to landfill. Also, from experience we know that when a new boat is enclosed in a sealed plastic bag it is a recipe for disaster because even the best paint or gel coat surfaces will deteriorate in these closed, moist environments.

Our new reusable stretch covers

We have worked with a small company in Byron Bay to develop our new range of very affordable travel covers. These stretch covers are customised for Sykes boats and come in a wide range of colours. The covers are 100% breathable, can be washed when dirty  and provide a really good protective layer during transport and storage. And the real ‘cherry on top’ is they can be used over and over again to protect your boat.

Saying goodbye to plastic

We plan to discontinue utilising single-use plastic wrap for our boats. Going forward we will either deliver boats without any cover (as we currently do in Melbourne) and encourage everyone to consider investing in a travel cover for their boat.

To find out more about Sykes rowing boat travel covers

For details and prices of our new travel covers, contact one or our sales team:

  • George: 0413 077 041,
  • Alex: 0421 811 880,
  • Angus: 0432 381 708, 

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