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How to Change Bearing Wheels on a Rowing Seat

Step 1:

For convenience and reference, it is easier to remove and change one wheel at a time.

Undo the hex-head bolt, using a 10mm spanner or socket, of one wheel and remove from the axle.

On occasions bolts can be hard to remove, especially if used in saltwater conditions. Use vice grips or similar with a soft jaw to hold the axle to prevent turning and slowly apply torque to loosen. The soft jaw is to prevent removal of the anodised finish on the axle. Clean the thread and apply waterproof grease or a no seize type product.


Step 2:

Remove the M6 size washers from the bolt noting the order (flat washer, spring washer, flat washer); and then remove the wheel.  Ensure correct number of washers (3) as they also make up part of the exact wheel spacing to match the slide track width.

Step 3:

Put the new wheel onto the bolt and follow with the washers still in the same order (flat washer, spring washer, flat washer). To avoid corrosion, add waterproof grease onto the thread.


Step 4:

Ensure the M6 Flat washer on the inside of the seat ledge between the axel and plastic ledge is in place and not fallen out or missing.

Tighten bolt with washers and wheel back onto the axle of seat until firm (don’t over tighten). Ensure the Flat washer on the inside between the axel and plastic seat ledge is in place and fallen out. Check wheel spins easily.


Step 5:

Follow the same process for the rest of the wheels. On completion check seat has no twist before final tightening.


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