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Introducing Resolute Rowing

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We are excited to be introducing Resolute Rowing to you. In 2019, the owners of Sykes came across an exciting opportunity to acquire an iconic US based boat builder, Resolute Racing, which is being rebranded to Resolute Rowing. Resolute has a proud legacy for best-in-class technology borne of roots in US Rowing and America’s Cup yachting. 

Resolute is widely recognised for cutting edge technology in the sport of composite rowing boats with a reputation for fast, extremely durable big boats. Have a peek at the business on its website.

The opportunity

We instantly recognised the immense opportunity this acquisition represented for Sykes and our customers. These are:

  1. Resolute has a reputation for manufacturing excellent large boats which perfectly complements Sykes’ reputation for excellent small boats.
  2. Resolute manufacturing know-how and technology will be shared with Sykes in Australia. This will elevate Sykes to the elite level of rowing boat construction, which is especially important as we transition to pre-preg construction. This capability will, we believe, help Sykes boats compete with and win against the European and Canadian boat builders in the Australian and New Zealand markets.  
  3. Combining the capability of Sykes with the technology and know-how of Resolute provides a compelling business case for coaches, athletes and rowing programs around the world to look no further than Sykes and Resolute for their every need, from beginners to champions!
  4. This acquisition provided a significant first step in our growth and globalisation plan.

While Sykes completed the Resolute acquisition in mid-2019, soon thereafter COVID-19 took a hold on the world. We took a difficult decision to hibernate the Resolute business through to early 2021. The Resolute manufacturing facility – located in Bristol Rhode Island, the epicentre of America’s Cup Racing – started up again in the northern hemisphere summer and we are now ready to transfer the Resolute technology back to Sykes and integrate it into our boats in Australia.

Watch this space!

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