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Sykes full carbon bow mounted riggers

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Full carbon bow mounted riggers are beginning to make some headway in the market, especially in elite programs. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic our engineering and design team has been very busy launching a new range of full carbon bow mounted riggers including a second-generation scull rigger and our first generation sweep rigger. We undertook detailed analysis on what was available around the world and incorporated the best features we could find into our structurally superior carbon frames to create what we believe is currently the best rigger on the market globally in terms of stiffness, strength, ease of set-up and adjustability and overall performance.

Testing and feedback

These new riggers were supplied to both the men’s and the women’s National Training Centres in late 2020 and we have received excellent feedback on their superior performance based on head-to-head testing with the two big European boat manufacturers.

In the words of our own Angus Widdicombe who stroked the Men’s 8 in Tokyo, ‘The new Sykes full carbon bow mounted sweep riggers are really stiff and strong – they are much stiffer than the Empacher riggers and every bit as stiff as the Filippi riggers’.

Design features of the full carbon bow mounted riggers

The new scull rigger has been modified slightly in terms of shape, size, and construction and this increases the stiffness and strength of the rigger. We have incorporated our latest, significantly improved end-of-arm fittings to this rigger which makes the whole system easier to set up and adjust and incorporates a two-stage set-up and fastening system guaranteed to hold true even in the most demanding situations.

Scull rigger 001Scull rigger 002Scull rigger 003Scull rigger 001

The new sweep rigger is an amazing product. For this rigger we used the proven structural geometry and shape of the carbon frame with the new fittings from the second-generation scull rigger and incorporated some insights and technology from the motorsport and aerospace industries into our manufacturing method. These riggers are cured in an autoclave at high pressure and temperature, which has resulted in a significantly superior product. Our extensive inhouse testing showed this rigger is the strongest and stiffest rigger of its kind available anywhere in the world. We have also demonstrated that the carbon bow mount sweep rigger without a back arm performs to the same level as an aluminium stern mounted rigger with back arm. In fact, based on our modelling we decided it was necessary to add some more carbon to the hull to cope with the increased torsional forces on the hull itself when using these riggers. Whilst the riggers can physically be fitted to any hull out there, these additional forces on the boat during rowing will unfortunately prohibit use (retrofitting) on older hulls.


Sweep rigger 001Sweep rigger 002Sweep rigger 003Sweep rigger 004Sweep rigger 005

Get in touch to find out more about our full carbon bow mounted riggers.

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