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Mould 858

Mould 858
Mould 858
Mould 858

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Mould 858 is part of Sykes' 5th Generation Eight series and has been designed for an 187lb crew midpoint. The boat is aimed at all boat classes that fall into this range, including Schoolboys, Club Eights and Midweight Men Mould 858 has the lowest wetted surface area hull on offer for a boat in this weight range.

One of our principle design philosophies in this 5th generation of our Eights (our first eights were produced way back in 1972) has been improving overall stability and comfort while rowing but without sacrificing the potential ultimate boat speed the boat could achieve – after all if an athlete is not comfortable and can’t work effectively it doesn’t matter how fast the boat is. Improved stability makes it easier for crews to take advantage of the boats overall low drag through racing speeds.

To develop the new shape, not only did we evaluate the market and what was already proving to be popular, but we set our own ambitious benchmarks and through over 2 years of R&D, the 858 was born. While a huge amount of design is done on computer and modelled to produce the final shape we are confident that our knowledge and the experience gained over doing so many boat designs over our 51 years of business shows us we are definitely on the right track.

Through our testing both on and off the water, we are confident Mould 858 is a significant advancement on other leading boat designs within this weight range.

mould 858

As with the Mould 857, Mould 858 features a more stable design, a stiffer and lighter construction, new moulded monodecks, a stronger section join (now located between seats 6 and 7) with captured (M8) bolts, and new rigger mounting feet. As with every Sykes boat, it will be customised to the specifications required by the customer. 

The design targets behind Mould 858 were speed, stability and stiffness/strength, which were all achieved through finite element analysis (FEA), hydrodynamic analysis & theory, and rigorous on and off water testing. 


    Sykes new “5K Construction”

    • 5K is Sykes very own method of high strength, high stiffness carbon composite construction designed to save weight and increase stiffness. With a Kevlar presence in the footwells, these areas are now more damage resistant from athletes dropping items into the bottom of the boat (i.e. drink bottles).
    Sykes 5K Construction

      Moulded Mono Decks

      • Sykes mono deck features a state of the art design that not only improves the structure and style of the boat, but significantly improves the overall comfort for the rower. When you row in a Sykes boat, it will feel the same, regardless of what seat you are in!
      Moulded Mono Deck

          Marked Pins
          • Along with pin block measurement tapes standard on all Sykes boats, a centre line is marked on the base of all our pins. This makes it easy to see the centre of the span when measuring. Just one way Sykes makes rigging your boat that little bit easier.
          Marked Pins

            Two Rigger Widths

            • Mould 858 features two rigger widths, allowing bow/stroke rigged and tandems to any coach's preference with no extra riggers!

            Moulded Cox Seat

            • The cox seat has been improved to be more comfortable for coxes during long sessions. Furthermore, the layup and integration of the coxes' seat up and over the stern deck greatly improves the stiffness of the hull, in a modern, aesthetic way.

              For further information on this mould or Sykes' other boats, please contact us.

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