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Mould 135

Mould 135
Mould 135
Mould 135

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Mould 135 is the first Sykes dedicated lightweight women’s boat. With a length of 7.35m and narrow beam resulting in extremely low drag, this is one of only a few hulls available in the world designed specifically for lightweight women. Importantly, this combination was achieved while improving the stability from our previous singles sculls.

Scullers trialling this boat for the first time typically remark on how stable and comfortable it is to row. This boat has been embraced by athletes ranging from U21 and senior elite lightweight women, right through to Masters categories. Whilst the boat is designed for lightweight women, it can be rowed at a slightly heavier weight into the mid-high 60kgs.

The Mould 135 superseded the Sykes Mould 126L, which was the previous cut down lightweight version of the Mould 26 Heavyweight Women’s/Lightweight Men’s boat. The plug for the Mould 135 was cut in the Sykes Australian factory on our own 5-axis CNC Machine. 


Sykes “5K Construction”

  • 5K is Sykes very own method of high strength, high stiffness carbon composite construction designed to save weight and increase stiffness. With a Kevlar presence in the footwells, these areas are now more damage resistant from athletes dropping items into the bottom of the boat (i.e. drink bottles).
Sykes 5K Construction


    Moulded Mono Decks

    • Sykes mono deck features a state of the art design that not only improves the structure and style of the boat, but significantly improves the overall comfort for the rower. When you row in a Sykes boat, it will feel the same, regardless of what seat you are in!
    Sykes Mono Deck

        Marked Pins

        • Along with pin block measurement tapes standard on all Sykes boats, a centre line is marked on the base of all our pins. This makes it easy to see the centre of the span when measuring. Just one way Sykes makes rigging your boat that little bit easier.
        Marked Pins

          Moulded Stern Bulkheads

          • We have improved the layup and integration of the stern bulkhead, which now flows smoothly over the stern deck. This improves stiffness and greatly improves the aesthetics of the boat.
          Stern Bulkhead

          If you would like further information about this mould, please contact us.

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