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Initiator Scull Range

Initiator Scull Range
Initiator Scull Range

To help more athletes at the start of their rowing career, Sykes have designed the ultimate training boat range - the Initiator. This range is designed to help with learning to row, while also being ultra-durable, competitive and, needless to say, more affordable.

The Initiator range has been designed by Sykes in Geelong, Australia with the perfect balance of durability, stability, comfort and performance. Built in Zhaoqing, China the boat has fibreglass exterior and internal surfaces, which combined with Spheretex gives supreme durability. The unique design and construction which includes structural elements in carbon fibre means the boat is remarkably light for a boat of this style!

Boat Ranges

The single scull comes in three sizes designed to accommodate all rowers. As a guide to what will be suitable for you, please use the table below.

Mould vs Length
Mould Length (m)
150 7.6
151 7.9
152 8.2
Rower Weight vs Mould
Mould 121 132 143 154 165 176 187 198 209 220+
150 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No
151 No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
152 No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Initiator Flyer


The standard set-up and price for Sykes’ Initiator single scull range is shown below. Any variation to this standard set-up can alter the final price of the hull.

standard set-up INITIATOR
RIGGER Aluminium Quick Release (No Backstays) X
SEAT Carbon with Bearing Wheels X
SHOES Sykes Rowing Shoes X

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