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Accelerator Single Scull

Accelerator Single Scull

The Accelerator is our mid-range Racing Single Sculling Boat constructed from carbon fibre and honeycomb. Built in the 14.3 -14.8 kg overall weight range, depending on your specifications and mould choice, the Accelerator was designed to bridge the gap between a training boat and a racing boat.

The boat is available in three sizes: 

  • Mould 150 (55-70kg)
  • Mould 151 (70-85kg)
  • Mould 152 (85-100+kg)

Similar to an Initiator (training single), the Accelerator is easy to row, except the boat weighs almost the same as our High Performance Racing Singles. Its carbon and honeycomb construction means that the boat is more rigid and responsive than an Initiator or other training boats, which are typically made with fibreglass.

The Accelerator hulls are made in our factory in China (where our Initiator hulls are made). In Geelong the hulls are assessed and fitted out with Sykes Riggers, Seats and Stretchers. These parts are the same as those used in our racing boats. The Accelerator Quick Release rigger is made in-house here in Geelong, and can be customised in set-up and colour for each athlete. Like all of our boats, the Accelerator is expertly rigged and pitched in the Sykes factory before it is delivered.

Boat Type

  • Single Scull 1x

Standard Inclusions

  • 2 year warranty
  • Anodised alloy quick release wing rigger
  • Anodised alloy slides
  • Single-action bearing wheel seat with a synthetic seat top
  • Timber foot stretcher
  • 2 x Sykes tie down straps

Optional Extras

  • Electronics wiring
  • Boat Name
  • Protective cover
  • BatLogic plates
  • Car top carrier

Accelerator Flyer

Boat Ranges

The single scull comes in three sizes designed to accommodate all rowers. As a guide to what will be suitable for you, please use the table below.

Mould vs Length
Mould Length (m)
150 7.6
151 7.9
152 8.2
Rower Weight vs Mould
Mould 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100+
150 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No
151 No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
152 No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes


Custom Boat Name / Pin Stripes

  • Custom Boat Name – Font available in Printed or Script
    • Font size options: 30mm (recommended for singles); 40mm (recommended for Pairs & Larger Boats)
  • Pin Stripes (6 or 12mm)
    • Top Colour
    • Middle Colour
    • Bottom Colour

Shoe Options

  • New Wave 
  • Active Tools (adjustable length rowing shoes)


The standard set-up and price for Sykes’ Accelerator single scull range is shown below. Any variation to this standard set-up can alter the final price of the hull. 

Standard set-up
RIGGER Aluminium Quick Release
SEAT Synthetic
SHOES New Wave


Sykes is proud to offer our customers within North America the option of a Rent-to-Own Programme. For further details of this programme, see documents below.

Rent-to-Own Terms

Payment Plan Terms

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