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Sykes Single Sculls - New Sizes Coming Soon

We’ve got two new single scull moulds about to hit the water which will bring our total single scull elite racing fleet to five different moulds. We have sculls to suit not just the different athlete weight ranges but a boat to cover every type of athlete in the sport.  To help distinguish our mould numbering system for our Australian made boats we are changing our numbering system to make it easy for our customers to understand and work out which boat is best for them. The most significant change is the Mould 137 will now be changed to Mould 139.
Our five single scull mould numbers will now be Mould 135, 136, 137, 138 and 139. The last digit of each number indicates the approximate weight range designed to use the boat. For example, the new Mould 138 indicates the 85kg crew weight. All our singles can be customised to a specific weight, however we are now confident we have the right design for everyone.

Mould 135 remains as our dedicated lightweight women’s boat, recommended for 55-65kg crew weight. Mould 136 remains the same mould and name since its release in 2012, and is suitable for 65-80kgs. Mould 137 is our new mid-weight single, which we will release more information about soon. Mould 138 is our new 85kg single scull, which is designed for rowers who are too big for our Mould 136/7 and too small for the Mould 139. Mould 139, formerly called Mould 137, remains the dedicated Sykes heavyweight men’s single, for 90kg+ athletes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact James or Fergus with any questions. 

We will also be offering a carbon bow mounted wing rigger for our two new single sculls. We have conducted detailed R & D work on this product, and are very excited to include this as an option. More information on this will be released soon. 

as at 22 July 2016
Mould No. Description Rigger Options


Lightweight Women’s Single

Stern (Bow from mid-2017)


Medium Weight Single

Stern only

137 (late 2016)

Medium Weight Single

Bow & Stern

138 (late 2016)

New 85kg Single

Bow & Stern

139 (Formerly 137)

Current Heavyweight Men's 90kg+ single

Stern (Bow from mid-2017)



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