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With over 50 years of manufacturing excellence, Sykes support and work closely with athletes from the High Performance level through to our valued School, Club and Masters customers.
Sykes boats are used in various high performance programs and have been successful at numerous international and national events. Over the years, Sykes boats have won Olympic and World Championship medals.

Sykes USA Boat Prices - valid through March 31 2019

(excluding any applicable taxes) 

Initiator 1x $3,710
Accelerator 1x $6,460
HC(Aluminium Stern Wing) 1x $9,600
HC(Carbon Bow Wing) 1x  $10,750
HC 2- $13,600
HC2X $13,900
HC 2-/2x $14,400
HC 4+ $19,200
HC 4x $19,800
HC 4x+ $19,800
HC 8+ $36,000



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