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Mould 214

Mould 214
Mould 214
Mould 214

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Mould 214 is designed around a 155lb crew weight range, specifically for heavyweight women and lightweight men. Through our testing, modelling, and on water results,we are confident that this design is a significant advancement on existing designs. Most noticeable is the improved stability achieved alongside a more efficient hull shape.

As with our latest scull designs, Mould 214 was benchmarked against other world class designs, as well as our own highly successful Olympic Gold medal winning designs. In a first for Sykes, a prototype mould was cut using our in house multi-axis CNC machine to allow rapid production of a test hull to verify theoretical testing data. The three main objectives for our hull was to have the lowest overall drag, the best stability and the best directional stability of any boat on the market.

Improved hull stiffness was also a design criteria and so extensive work was carried out with the use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) programs completed by an experienced structural Engineer working in the advanced composites area. This allows analysis of the effects of material changes and fibre orientations in the hull, maximizing the stiffness to weight of the hull and its components. Special consideration was also given to the effect of wind resistance on the above waterline part of the hull.

Minor modifications to the design were incorporated into the final production mould and the first hulls produced. Late in the 2014/2015 season, the first production hull hit the water as a W2- and so successful were the on water trials that the crew raced in the final selection trials and, subsequently, the 2015 World Championships.

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