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Our History

1966 saw Jeff Sykes design his first racing scull that would assist his desire to win the Australian Sculling Championships. Today, almost 50 years on, Jeff’s passion and desire to be the best still lives on.

Since our first rowing gold medal in the 1974 World Championships, our boats and designs have been the choice of many of today’s Australian Rowing Teams.

Like the rowers in our boats, we too love to win and sharing in your success is an important part of our business that continues to drive us. Unlike many boat builders, the majority of our boats are Australian made at our base in Geelong, Victoria. Our industry leading technology controlled by our team of expert craftsmen means that we ensure our products are only the best, with the use of only the highest quality material and expert workmanship we are able to guarantee our boats for a considerable time after their sale.

In our history we have moved twice and are now in a purpose built facility so we can fit our evergrowing technology.

We are very proud that Since 1992, 75% of Australia's rowing medals have come from boats crafted by us and hopefully there will be many more to come!

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