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Fitting Instructions - Quick Release Conversion Jig

We’re often asked for instructions on how to fit the conversion kits, so we have put together the following photos and explanation.

  1. Bolt plate to boat through existing holes in stern seat.    


  2. Drill the two holes closest to the bolts with a 6mm drill. Do not drill the hole closest to the stern (this is the backarm hole not needed in stern seat). 

    Use a block of timber on the underside of the flange to protect the boat as the drill breaks through.

  3. Repeat on opposite side in stern seat (In case of scull, move template to opposite side of boat and drill holes as instructed above).

  4. Move jig down to the next seat and bolt all three holes and repeat for all remaining seats.*

*Note: If the backarm hole does not line up with the supplied jig (most likely on pre- 2012 boats), this hole will need to be filled with plexus or similar glue. This hole can then be re-drilled with the jig once the glue is dry.

If you have any questions, please contact us.



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