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Sykes new quick release rigger system

Sykes new quick release rigger system image

Sykes Rowing has a new quick release rigger system ready for commercial use. This system has been designed and optimised in partnership with John Driessen and his team at Rowfit in Tasmania.

What is unique about the new quick release (QR) system? Improved functionality, significantly easier to attach and remove, strong and fully interchangeable with a bolt-on riggers. 

Key features of our new quick release rigger system

The following key features have been included in this new design following extensive consultation with our customers:

  • The operating mechanism is simple, adjustable and operation is very intuitive.
  • No more different hole spacings for QR and bolt-on in the hull or the rigger – one standardised hole spacing for any rigger on any boat!
  • Ease of attaching and removing the riggers has substantially improved – no need for a tool or immense strength anymore.
  • No more ‘fiddly’ cams to lock the rigger on to the QR plate – instead there is a very positive spring-loaded quarter turn locating and securing pin with a simple small indicator pin to show whether the locating and securing pin is locked or unlocked.
  • To make sure that the whole system never comes loose there is a nice big locking nut that can easily be tightened by hand, even on those cold winter mornings!
  • The aluminium construction has significantly increased the strength and connection to the hull when compared to the traditional plastic plates.
  • Galvanic corrosion currently experienced on traditional aluminium QR plates is all but eliminated by the addition of a thin spacer between the carbon surfaces and the aluminium QR plate.

This new quick release rigger system is available for purchase on all new Sykes boats from 1 October 2021. The new system is also 100% compatible (fully retrofittable without requiring any modification) with all older wing rigger boats with bolt-on rigger configuration.

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